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An approved supplier to the Government Procurement Service (GPS), the national procurement partner to the UK Public Sector

and an approved supplier to the North West Collaborative Procurement Hub (NWCPH).

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Automatic enrolment

The Pensions Act 2008 introduced new rules for workplace pensions in the UK. These changes affect every workplace and make sure that every worker will have a chance to save for their retirement.

Under the new rules, every employer has to give their workers the opportunity to join a workplace pension scheme that meets certain standards. Depending on how old they are and how much they earn, many workers will be automatically enrolled into the scheme. Other workers will be entitled to join the scheme if they want to.

We’ve chosen NEST as our automatic enrolment workplace pension, a scheme set up by the government especially for auto enrolment.

As an Umbrella employee once you have been with us for a period of three months you will be automatically enrolled into the scheme providing you meet the qualifying criteria as an eligible job holder:

Should you do not qualify as an eligible job holder then you may still be able to request to  join the scheme if you meet the following criteria as an entitled worker:

Further information about the NEST pension scheme and automatic enrolment can be found at

Under our overarching contacts we do not pay pension contributions for you, we will make employer contributions from your contract rate, leaving you the option to make additional payments if you wish.

Already paying into a personal pension?

You will need to check whether it’s better for you to:

(unfortunately we are not authorised to give you pensions advice and we recommend that you should seek advice from a professional pensions advisor)

Umbrella Company Pensions