Beacon Interim Management Ltd (Principal Office), 4th Floor, Clayton House, 59 Piccadilly Manchester M1 2AQ. Reg No: 5860680

An approved supplier to the Government Procurement Service (GPS), the national procurement partner to the UK Public Sector

and an approved supplier to the North West Collaborative Procurement Hub (NWCPH).

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From 6th April 2016, HMRC now assume that if you provide your services through an employment intermediary then you are subject to supervision, direction or control, (SDC), or the right of SDC, and each engagement will be treated as a separate employment and each workplace will be regarded as a “permanent” workplace.  Hence travel between your home and the workplace is regarded as ordinary commuting and any travel costs do not attract tax relief.

If your agency/client is merely reimbursing an allowable expense incurred due to a temporary place of work (ie travel or over night accommodation) then we can process those expenses for you tax free as there is no element of ‘salary sacrifice’. Any allowable expenses claim must be fully evidenced and receipted.

Should you believe that you operate outside of SDC then you may be able to claim tax relief on expenses via your personal annual tax return.

Our advice is that it is good general practice to keep details of the terms of each contract you work and receipts for any associated expenses incurred. At least this way you will be in a position at the end of the tax year to discuss any potential tax relief claim with HMRC.

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At any stage if you have a query about your expenses or wish to learn more about our umbrella company services then please contact us directly, we are here to help.